Bake Amends

This Act of Betrayal Takes Sibling Rivalry to a Whole New Level

If you thought your little brother or sister was annoying, just wait! 

Living with roommates isn't always easy. You have to worry about splitting chores, bills, and—most importantly—your living space. But what to do when your roommate has terrible taste? One man took it upon himself to trick his roomie/sister out of getting her dream apartment.

While the act itself is pretty shameful, the way he chooses to confess (and apologize) is beyond!

Watch the video above to get the full story and see his sister's reaction to the news.

Bake Amends reveals the stories behind the internet's most shameful apology cakes. Will the offended accept the apology, or will the culprit get their apology cake thrown back in their face? Watch the episode above to find out, and check back each Monday for all-new episodes.



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